Influential Christians

This page is dedicated to Christians that are influential in proclaiming the name and message of our Lord Jesus Christ to our families and in our community. These saints continue to be a blessing to our families and to our community unto this day. Some are asleep in Christ, others are remaining faithful where the Lord has lead them.  For their friendship and influence we praise the Lord.                                    “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,” Philippians 1:3

Pastor Tom Pullen
Bob Butler


          Bob Butler went home to be with the Lord on July 26, 2013. Bob was instrumental to his families' lives as he was always encouraging and praying for God's will and purpose to be fulfilled in their hearts and lives.

          Bob prayed for and had a burden for the ministry of the Word of Life Baptist Church.

Bob spoke often with his brother Tom about the will of God in their lives, as Bob was a positive influence in the lives of many Mattoon residents, there was none that he encouraged more than his brother Tom. Bob had a heart to love the Lord and did his best to witness for the Lord Jesus.

          Bob and his wife Karen put their lives into their family and their community. Bob remains a friend to the residents of this community and especially to his family. He is missed everyday by those that love him.

Pastor Ken Graham


          Pastor Ken Graham was saved August 12, 1970. He surrendered to preach the same week and began preaching at the age of thirteen. Throughout his teenage years he traveled as an evangelist preaching revivals and youth conferences.

          He and his wife Pam were married in 1977 and have been blessed with eight children and fifteen grandchildren.

          Pastor Graham came to Benton, Arkansas in January 1988 to pastor Victory Baptist Church where he presently serves today. Victory is home to Blessed Hope Baptist College, Victory Baptist Academy, Blessed Hope Baptist Camp Meeting, and Blessed Hope youth Conference. Pastor Graham also serves as president of the Arkansas Christian School Association.

          Active evangelism is an integral part of the vision God has given to Pastor Graham to reach the world. God has opened many doors for him to preach across the USA and in various countries throughout his ministry.

          Pastor Graham is a friend to many residents in Mattoon. Victory Baptist Church became the sending Church for The Word of Life Baptist Church in June, 2013. We are grateful for the friendship of Pastor Graham and for his faithfulness unto the Lord.


Pastor Terry Basham


          Bro. Basham was saved as a teenager of 16 in 1972.  After trusting Christ, he was baptized by the authority of Bible Baptist Church in Mattoon in October of that same year. Bro. Tom Pullen was the pastor.

          In June of 1973 Bro. Basham surrendered to the call of God to preach during revival services held by the late Evangelist Harold Boyd.
          Pastor Basham married Kathy McKinzey in June of 1976 and they have two sons, Terry II and Joel, both are Baptist pastors. Bro. and Mrs. Basham have been blessed by their sons with six grandchildren. Bro. Basham has preached and served as a Pastor since he was 22 after being ordained by Bible Baptist Church on October 1, 1978.  He has also been involved teaching in Baptist colleges since 1994.  He worked with Dr. Ken Graham and Victory Baptist Church in their college for nine years. Bro. Terry Basham is currently serving the Lord as Pastor at New Life Baptist Church located in Dublin, OH.

         Bro. Basham’s testimony of faithfully serving the Lord these many years is a blessing to those in our community, where his conversion took place many years ago. Bro. Terry is a friend to Mattoon residents and to those of us at The Word of Life Baptist Church. We are thankful unto the Lord for his service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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